Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yesterday's post disappeared

Why am I not surprised?

It appears there was a in Mr. Blogger's neighborhood?

And for today...

Yeah, NPR again

the V-word is


  1. Blogger is being a *bleep*n *bleep* these days.
    Yeah, why would anyone want to stalk Sarah unless they were paid to?
    coglingo=the language of the cog.
    The cog=one who speaks cog lingo.

  2. Cool vid... and it's a shame we won't be seein' that sorta thang but once more.

    wv: sconics. The sconics are LOUD at a shuttle launch!

  3. Coglingo, although misspelled, is the new word that people use if they don't want to say 'bullshit'.


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