Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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I was gonna reply to a comment on yesterday's post. Then I decided I could expand upon what I was talking it was about.

Although Roger Clemens is specifically mentioned in the post. My rant isn't specifically about the prosecution of Mr. Clemens. It's more about the headline hunting that's going on... and it's not just prosecutors and the Executive Branch of the government.
The Legislative Branch are even bigger ass weasels when it comes to dragging in the famous to ask embarrassing questions and grandstand for the public. I don't have any problem with congress having hearings when they're warranted. Heck, it's one of the better ways to find stuff out. But if the congressmen and senators ...and their staff people ...have nothing better to do than call out famous folks for being stupid, they're wasting a ton of time and my money.
I could just as easily used Barry Bonds as an example, or even included him, and a few others... if my memory was better... but unlike federal prosecutors, I have better things to do.


I found an Eric Holder cartoon that I really liked, but I like this one better best.

Oh ...and talk about wasting time

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