Monday, June 25, 2012

A perfectly effective expletive has been rendered ineffective

It's one of those words I don't rarely use and will, when possible, delete, expunge, or, otherwise, render almost unrecognizable
You know the one
It still shocks your grandmother
It's the effword and it's almost ubiquitous, making it useless as an escalating adjective because nowadays effing everything is effing whatever
I mean it's the effing best; or the effing worst
Whatever happened to using regular everyday words to cast an insult? Like saying that what someone says isdubious and hypocritcal instead of telling them they are full of shit!
I'm thinking the challenge today should be to make those we don't see eye to eye with say, "Huh? Instead of pissing them off by saying, "Go f#@* yourself and the horse you rode in on!"

if this is still here, it means nothing better's occurred to me since Friday


  1. I've been tryin'... in vain, mostly... to clean up my language ever since I got out of the Air Force. But I think a well-placed f-bomb really works from time to time... just not ALL the time.

  2. I'm with you on that.
    I can think of several occasions that were spoiled because some dickwad floated the the F-bomb in about every other sentence.

  3. One has to be judicious in the use of expletives. That way, they carry more power. When someone who almost never swears drops the f-bomb, it catches everyone's attention!


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