Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One down

Rumor has it the ice hockey season ended?
For cryin' out loud, folks, it's almost the middle of June. Hockey's an indoor sport mostly. That doesn't mean it should be played year-round. I think there should be a rule that ice hockey can only be played when mother nature makes ice.

Then there's the NBA.
Gimme a break! They're just tonight gonna start the finals. So there's a minimum of four more games. They oughta be done by the MLB All-Star game. There should be a rule relating to ice for the NBA, too. I will say it was cool that the season didn't start until late December, but I still got bored before they were done with the regular season.

About the only thing more ennui inducing is an election year


  1. I agree the NHL season is too long. 82 games plus four rounds of playoffs is just TOO damned long.

    That said... what the HELL am I gonna do between now and October?

    1. Soccer?
      Oh, wait. There's not enough physical contact.

    2. Heh. Futbol is NOT my thang. I have an acquaintance who calls those guys "grass fairies." I won't go quite that far, but my friend is CLOSE.

  2. I very much liked how sporting seasons didn't intrude upon each other in the years of my youth (which just came to an end about three months ago, or maybe I'm getting senile dementia.) Anyway, when I was a young 'un, basketball ended in April, so did Hockey (or maybe March), and that's when you started paying attention to baseball. Then, in October, after The World Series, football became the thing. Very little overlap. Now the NFL is some sort of year-round frickin' cult, baseball sometimes goes into November (a month NEVER intended for such a pastoral sport), and ICE hockey ends in June (and teams are in Tampa and Phoenix, but that's another story altogether.) Grrrrrrrrrr. Get offa my lawn, ya little basterds!


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