Thursday, June 14, 2012

Decision making

I had a hard time deciding about today's post at first.
I really didn't want to put this one up (unless I couldn't find anything else):

Did you know this about bats?

The newsletter from, "The Texas Gardener Seeds" said:

Put up a bat house to encourage the presence of these shy animals. Bats consume 3,000 or more mosquitoes and other insects nightly, and bats are less likely to be rabid than dogs are.

Need another reason?

Bats are responsible for up to 95 percent of the seed dispersal essential to the regeneration of forests.
Our planet is populated with plenty of bizarre and astonishing creatures.
Here are three from the Bat Family...

Then I found this, tamer and less inflammatory ...yes?

Finally, though, I found this:

1 comment:

  1. I knew the insect thing about bats but not the seed dispersal thing. My favorite bat-related item is that character in "Dr. Strangelove": Colonel Bat Guano.

    The last cartoon is pretty sick. Right up my alley, in other words.


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