Friday, June 22, 2012

I learned a new word yesterday the other day


It's new to me. It's not a physical thing. It's a musical thing.
I found out about it here.
Some of my earworms are different from those on the list and my list is just a scosh longer starts a few years earlier and is a bit more selective.

A little bit of research reveals the word's been around for some time. It just happens to have escaped my notice.


  1. That's somehow very funny to me, that you hadn't heard that term before now. Unfortunately, all I can do is type stuff, and not hum stuff here, so I can't infect you with a few...

    1. What's really funny is Buck posted about earworms after I wrote this, but before this was posted
      Right now I'm hearing Tequila by The Champs run through my head

  2. Wow. That list made me feel OLD. I could sing along, however reluctantly, with everything from the beginning up to about 1989 (and not miss one single word)... which was about the time I quit listening to Top 40 format radio. My favorite from that list? "Bette Davis Eyes." I'll be hearing it ALL damned day now.


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