Monday, October 31, 2011

I almost posted a really bad joke.

My filter hasn't been working too well lately. So some of those thoughts that float around between my ears have actually found their way past my lips or through the keyboard. Once they are pas the lips there is no calling them back. Fortunately the keyboard requires extra steps to those thoughts don't always make into public.

On another note, even with the lack of activity here at the end of this month, we may have a thousand pageviews by 5:00pm local time. We only need seven more.


  1. Did I give you the very special page view? I hope so! Is there a prize? No? There is at my place!!!

  2. Inno - sometimes it's really difficult to restrain oneself, innit?

    Carolina - me, too!

    Sully - Huh? Do you mean about this blog having it's very own separate link? Yeah.
    Your place is a prize.


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