Monday, December 3, 2012

What would you do...

There was a humongous lottery jackpot last week
That is it was humongous for those who had access to purchase tickets for that lottery
Are there any states not running a ripoff for their citizens now?
How many lotteries are actually accomplishing what it was explained to the voters who approved them they are intended for?
I mean here in California they're supposed to fund infrastructure for education
Supposedly the funds would be in addition to funds already being spent
They're not
The only folks who benefit are the ones running the lottery
You don't really believe the winners benefit you?
Well, maybe Suldog and HIS WIFE are entertained when they play scratch-off tickets
If a big winner was allowed to remain anonymous, they might benefit to some extent if they're able to keep from going overboard
What would you do if you won a big jackpot?
I'm almost guaranteed I won't...
... I don't buy tickets


  1. I read somewhere that 50% of winners of over 1 mil are bankrupt in 5 years. I agree, the lotteries are not a good thing. Give the Government a dollar, and they find a way to spend $1.50...much like teenagers.

    I also refrain from buying tickets. Gov't shuld get out of the same business that most states deem to be illegal and counter-productive to society...unless they control it. We were better off when the mob controled the "Numbers" game.

  2. i don't play either but i can attest to the level of fun suldog and HIS WIFE have and their generosity in letting me play too. the payoff there was in belly laughs!

  3. I don't buy lottery tickets either. I love the lottery description... the one that sez "the lottery is a tax on the math-impaired."

    That said... I DO have the odd lottery fantasy now and then. It usually involves lots o' fast cars, booze and hookers in exotic locales.

  4. I would do whatever the FVCK I wanted for the rest of my life.

    I played. What the hell, it's a couple of bucks, and it nourishes my imagination.

  5. Thank you for allowing me to be weaseled.

    We play only those games that allow us either entertainment or wild dreams of lifelong debauchery.

    If I won, I would no doubt unwittingly kill myself via one of the debauches. That would be OK.


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