Sunday, April 14, 2013


I almost forgot to post today
This A to Z thing has me on autopilot
That means I have already timed several posts ahead
I totally forgot about Sundays not being on the schedule

The ol' AF Sarge wondered out loud on Suldog's blog about whose side I was on
That almost sounds like a challenge
A throwdown
A whatchamacallit
He really should watch himself
Buck almost got him courtmartialed, or at least nonjudicial punishment
o' course I thought the charges were pretty lame
Does that mean I was on his side?


  1. Hhhm, I wanted to portray you as this vast, neutral intellect in the Cosmos who didn't take the side of mere mortals. Did that not come across that way?

    This whole A to Z thing notwithstanding.

    1. A to Z is an exercise
      I've chosen to keep it simple
      Maybe not quite as simple as the first time when I didn't enter

      I kinda like neutral intellect
      I also like relative anonymity, but can't help taking the occasional potshot

  2. I know damn well you're on my side, IT. While I love the AF guys like brothers, I consider you my spiritual son of a bitch.

  3. LAME? You call my charges LAME? Treachery and treason is LAME? What IS this world coming to?

    1. You forget wherein my loyalties lie
      As a former white hat I saw that the ol' guy was giving the Navy its due
      I saw no treachery or treason
      Both the USN and USAF fly the same ensign, n'est pas?

  4. Well, I'm off to visit your friends. If their blogs are as funny as yours then I'm their newest followers too.


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