Monday, October 14, 2013

itsa buncha crap

Lookit what our so-called government representatives have actually accomplished

First, ask yourself what the date is
Okay, it's the 14th of October, a Monday
There's your first clue something's up
Monday, that is
Many, many memorable events took place on this date
What are we celebrating?
Columbus Day
The man who conned the King and Queen of Spain into financing a number of misguided expeditions ...he was lost, folks... was born on October 12
Yeah, he made a discovery
He just didn't know what it was
On top of that, his discovery helped wipe out whole civilizations on two continents

But that's not my complaint
It's how the maroons in DC can't do what they're supposed to do
But they can fart around with the calendar and foist faux holidays on us
I'm not sayin' don't acknowledge the lost Italian
Just do it right
They've made it more about a day off, which more people than not ignore, than about an event
The folks who do take the day off don't have anyplace to visit because all the really neat places are run by the Feds who've closed them, or they're like Legoland, which is too expensive

In another couple of weeks the clocks get messed with
I'm pretty sure daylight savings has outlived its usefullness
What is it about so-called representatives that makes them think they have to leave some kind of legacy?
They should open the eyes and see the legacy left by others
And they should open their freakin' ears and listen to the folks who elect them ...not the folks who paid them to run
They have to stop trying to be lawmakers
They really need to clean up their mess and the messes left by their predecessors

Buck like to say, "GOML!
I say, "Get off your phone!"


Go read Courage
Then think about all the folks you know to whom this applies


Did anyone see the Patriots and Red Sox dismantle their opponents at the last minute yesterday?
That was kinda fun for some, not so much for others

Hey! I had to lighten up a little


  1. part one -
    Gee, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

    part two -
    Good one

    part three -
    Missed the Pats because I limit my weekend football.
    But saw the game from Fenway.
    I can't figure out why they think it necessary to play a game so late on Sunday, particularly so late in the year.
    Did the Feds take over baseball?

  2. Yeah, I think GOML applies here... in spades.

    That game at Fenway last night TOTALLY sucked. You'd think a team leading 5-1 in the bottom of the eighth could pull it out... but NO! Dang. Ortiz really earned his keep last night, and then some. That said... it's a seven game series and the Fat Lady's still in her dressing room.

    My Wings avenged the Tigers somewhat today by beating the Broons... IN BOSTON... by a score of 3-2. I cheered, and cheered MIGHTILY.

  3. Buck is rightly perturbed about his Detroit bullpen. It was a miraculous comeback, fueled by not-so-great relief work. As for the B's dropping one to his Wings, it is VERY early in the season. We don't get our mojo back from the cleaners until at least January.

    Now, as to politicians... Asking them to put aside their egos is like asking a cow to take off her udder. If they didn't have massive egos to begin with they wouldn't have run for office, putting themselves in the public eye and asking thousands and thousands of people to show them love via the casting of a vote. I know this because I did it once. Had enough people told me then that they loved me, I would have done it again. Alas, they told me to go home and quit bothering them (in so many wordless actions) and so I seek my love via the written word (much more satisfactory, for all concerned.)


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