Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random stuff

A friend emailed a bunch of one-liners... twelve to be exact. This is the only one I will reprint:

Paddy is walking down the road eating a bag of doughnuts when he meets Murphy.
Murphy says "If I can guess how many doughnuts you have in the bag, can I have one?"
Paddy says, "If you can guess how many are in there, you can have both of them"...............
Murphy says, "Four!"

The others were far more off-color... not that some aren't worth repeating... just not here. I do have some standards.

The Interwebs seem to be having some difficulties... or maybe it's just me. Some connections are taking forever and others aren't happening at all.

I periodically check to see what's going on with Blogs of Note. Monday they selected a blog that hasn't had a post since June of 2009 and that one was three weeks after the previous one. It was to announce that the blogger was taking a leave from blogging.

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