Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday grumble

I was looking at an item on the web about the public's perceptions of Congress, specifically, why we love to hate it. There were more comments than I wanted to read. But among the sampling I did read job creation was one of the things that some folks felt they wanted Congress to handle.
I really don't think that is such a wise idea. It seems to me we already have too many people working for the government. What we really need are more folks working in the private sector, earning money so we can afford to pay those working for the government.
Here, in my neck of the woods, government is the largest employer and it is going broke. They have tried to resolve the problem by raising fees and taxes. But they can't pass a tax increase and every time the fees are raised fewer folks find a need to do whatever the fee is for. The local government has attempted to reduce costs by eliminating jobs. But even though employees claim they're not paid wages comparable to the private sector, they don't want to seek private employment.
I think what we need in our government, especially Congress, are out best and brightest, rather than the folks who are so inept that couldn't get a real job. About the only thing they're good at is posturing and rhetoric.

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