Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some may have noticed

There is no waste of time like that of making explanations?
--- Benjamin Disraeli

I haven't published any original stuff here in quite awhile... mainly because by the time I get around to it, I have forgotten what it was. Besides this blog never would have appeared had it not been for a challenge from Carolina. It was she who said something like, "So why don't you?"
There's a certainty that everyone knows Ivan Toblog (aka IT) is a nom de plume or nom de guerre, as the case may be, solely for the purpose of commenting on others blogs and lurking. I like being able to yank your chain more or less anonymously. I find it absolutely astounding that there are 25 followers (that's what the dashboard says) and it's amazing that somehow I have managed almost a post a day since I started. Of course, very little of it is original, and what is original lacks much substance. But, what the hey, it's an outlet. I can let off steam here, and I do.
I appreciate those who stop by, even more those who comment, but mostly those who put a lot of thought and effort into their blogs.

I'm guessing I will keep posting stuff that tickles my fancy and occasionally may post something original. But mostly I will surf the blogosphere and comment occasionally.


  1. But But But...I need you!!! I do read you EVERY time I am here....

    Don't leave me...

  2. Gee, did I give the impression that I was leaving? Oops!

  3. There, an odd 25 to your list of followers. Write on.

  4. Thanks, Chris. Now the Dashboard says I have 26. I guess that means there's a follower who doesn't want anyone to know? Can't say I really blame them.


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