Friday, April 22, 2011



is for Suldog.

He's retired from blogging and become a lurker who comments.

Knucklehead hosted a Roast. It worth taking a look at.

There was a time when "S" was for a certain Pac Ten University, known to the locals and some opponents as Snodfart.



  1. You have been away, haven't you?
    Yup, Sully says he's pulled the pin on his blog.
    It's almost like having your favorite breakfast spot close down.

  2. OK, first you make it sound like I might be named Snodfart, then you compare me to greasy sausages.

    I must say, I have never been quite so honored! Thank you!

  3. I'm reminded of that George Boooosh picture that was makin' the rounds last year: "Miss me yet?"

    Well, yeah. I DO. In both cases.

  4. Yeah, Buck.
    But, I figured out he's gotta come back some time in October, even if it only to remind everyone Thanksgiving Comes First!.


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