Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About that last post

So I mentioned that school's started.
That means there are school buses all over town all day. That's because there are two high schools, one middle school, and three grammar schools [which I wanna know why they call them grammar schools, because they sure don't learn much about grammar... or at least it doesn't take].
I've figured out that I have to allow an extra ten minutes to go almost anywhere because of the delays created by those buses stopping at places where they cannot be passed.


  1. Absolutely. My commute is lengthened by ten minutes or so during the school year, as I have to drive by a huge high school on my way.

  2. I should just shut up.
    We actually have three high school campuses in town for, get this, six high schools. None of those schools runs on the same schedule and the students don't ride the same buses.


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