Thursday, January 26, 2012

As good as any

Here is one of the more reasonable explanations for why San Francisco did not win on Sunday.

This has nothing to do with the previous entry

read about it here (a better idea is to forget reading about it and let your imagination rule)

There should be some kinda rule that the NBA and NHL play on alternate days. It's not so much I'm a fan as it's the pits when nothing else on the tube interests me and I can't even watch one of the NorCal teams.

Okay for those who asked about the post yesterday... I'm bringing it back


  1. Funny stuff here. Think I'll open some doors and see what's behind them.

    1. Skeletons... maybe? Thanks for stopping by

      What you post is definitely above par

  2. Didn't realize they made Newt Gingrich look-a-likes with Lego. All the better to send him along to space. He has the right demeanor to be a Canadian hockey coach, anyway.


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