Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just for Suldog

Earlier this morning Sully commented that his verification was soredges. Then he said something about funny and I should make a joke.
Well, I gotta admit I was at a loss ...for awhile. Because Blogger came through and gave me some fodder (a cheap reference to the cow post below). While almost making a comment on another blog I came across the following:

I'm thinkin' it (ho sittin') will give someone soredges if they spend too much time at it.

While I'm thinking about it... you should go read Sully's Blog. There's a link somewhere over on the left
Oh... and we crossed over 14,000 pageviews sometime this morning


  1. Well done. I love it when folks take up a challenge and run with it. I especially love it when the humor arrives via serendipity, such as a word veri.

  2. The terrible thang about ho sittin' is you pay THEM, not the other way around as is usually the case. DAMHIK.


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