Monday, April 23, 2012


About this freaking (yeah you can substitute another two syllable word starting with F and ending with ing) change on Blogger, in the immortal words of Suldog, "The new Blogger interface SUCKS. I've ended up posting this four times before it came out how I wanted it to look, approximately. SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS."

I used to be able to whip out a post in about 40 seconds using HTML and I knew how it would appear. Now I am reduced to using their "Compose" mode and the preview to get what I want on here. I am not a happy camper and I will challenge anyone to try to tell me why this interface is better than the old one.

That said - this cracked me up.

Then there's this:
Love's some Stevie Wonder


  1. Yes, new interface is horrible. I switched back to the old interface. Click the little gear logo in the upper right corner, and "Old Interface" is one of the choices. Unfortunately, it looks like they're going to completely kill the old interface next month.

    Enjoy it while you can...

  2. SUCKS.

    But, wait. I have an option? Thanks! I'll try that.

  3. Fixin' stuff that ain't broke is the Number One problem in the Western World.


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