Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sure Happy It's Thursday

There's another blogger using this title today. I will not give him the satisfaction of providing a link. He thinks he's clever. I'll show him. I'm gonna switch to Tuesday.

We return to the regular stuff posted on this blog:

If Gramps had gone somewhere other than Stanford, he'd've probably paid them off by now.
(It isn't the letterman sweater that gives it away. It's the thumb in his nose)

Uh, oh! I hear thunder.


  1. I suppose one of the bennies of NOT having a college education would be no student loans. Who knew?

    1. I was listening to to NPR this morning and heard the fearless leader claim an increase in the interest rate on college loans would make college more expensive
      I always thought it was the increases in tuition that made it more expensive


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