Friday, January 25, 2013

What kind of example is this

Watch this video and tell us how many innocent bystanders were shot

He never once reloaded


  1. Now THAT is a politician!

    I love when they point at nobody like they spotted a special friend in the crowd.

  2. Replies
    1. Buck, my point, which I only crudely presented, is that nobody criticized him for making guns out of his fingers and spraying the crowds with fake bullets

      OTOH if he had been someone from the NRA...

  3. He's such a schmooze. I can't get those the minutes of my life back, thanks.

    I missed the guns thing. Do you mean the "hey you there" pointing?
    Or am I just slow?
    I may have fallen asleep sometime in there...

    1. Yeah, Lora, he is
      It's the nature of politics

      The guns thing is about how little kids get into trouble at school for making pretend guns of their fingers

      He's the last guy who should be doing it... even if they aren't pretend guns

      Then today I read this

    2. There's a little girl at the school down the street from my house who was taken out because of a piece of gun shaped paper.

      So incredibly redonkulous


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