Thursday, August 1, 2013

Road rage

I was driving down the expressway
It's kind of like a highway, only there are signals space just far enough apart that you can't maintain anything like a steady speed
I'll take that back
if all of the clowns on the road in front of you are doing 10 mph less than the speed limit, you have to maintain something like a steady speed while you remember every curse word you've ever heard
Anyhow, I was driving along behind this big late model Dodge dually
That's a one-ton pickup to the uninitiated

not the actual vehicle

This clown slowed down for every signal we approached
I mean he slowed way down... from 55 to 15 mph
There was one care between his truck and me
About the third time he slowed I rolled down the window and yelled at the top of my lungs, "IT'S GREEN!!!"
That didn't affect him at all, but I felt much better
So I did it for the next four miles, until he finally came to a full stop at a green light before making a right turn.
I  noticed, as he made his turn, there was a handicap sticker on his license plate


  1. "Handicapped" has a LOT o' different meanings in this modern world.

  2. "douchenozzle" just became my new favorite term of endearment
    I think I won't ever capitalize it


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