Thursday, August 29, 2013

Talking out of turn

Somebody wrote a post about the current crisis developing over the situation in Syria.
In my considerable lifetime I have observed Syria and come to the conclusion it is one of the most belligerent countries (after N. Korea) on the face of the Earth.

There is a strong possibility that, if we are expecting the leaders of the Powers the Be to do something, they will look for a consensus and whatever is done will be too little, too late, and there will be much regret in the end.
The current leaders are what we have left after the people who are most qualified decided they don't need the grief one must go through to be elected leader.

Much, if not all of the strife, the despair, the hate and discontent in Syria, and other parts of the Middle East and parts of South Asia could have been avoided if nobody had meddled there in the first place.
There is also that religion thing over there that somehow rewards intolerance of other beliefs.
It seems our leaders (meaning the West) can't perceive anything from anywhere but their own point of view.
So they will never understand how those we are intent on creating nations for don't see things the same way.
I think our leaders need to be reminded those folks were there and even a little civilized long before we stopped being tribal ourselves.

So, what do I think we should do?
Well, it might help to just keep it from spreading outside of the current bounds.
Like fighting a wildfire.
Keep it contained.
That may not be the most humanitarian thing for the innocents involved.
But it could help in the long run to keep more innocents from becoming victims.
We can always send a CARE package.

I honestly don't trust any of the world leaders to make a right decision.


  1. Western military intervention will only give fuel for the fire.

  2. Do they still do CARE packages?

    I looked it up.
    The organization still exists and does humanitarian works.

    I like your thinking.

  3. It's a decision I definitely wouldn't want to be making and is there really a right solution to this problem? I'm not sure that the powers that be will ever get everyone on the same page for this one. I vote for the leaders to do battle rather than sending anyone else in to do their bidding. I think if they had to put their lives on the line, wars would no longer be fought.


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