Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unintended consequences

I have followers.
That's not why I do this. I'm not certain why I do this.
That's not what this is about.
Suldog posted folks who do stuff without any thought for themselves, but because it's the right thing to do. He calls them helpers. I call them heroes.
He then lamented that a bunch of interwebby friends had gotten together to make Christmas really nice for someone who'd not had any nice Christmases and that he had been outed as the organizer of the effort because he'd not told everyone that he wished to remain anonymous.
It would serve him right if somebody sent him an award.
No, wait... everybody should send him an award.


  1. I'd rather let someone else take the 'heat'...
    and I love the fact that you sent him one.
    He deserves the awards (for goodness...he has a great big heart....)...and has fun turning the awards around on the giver...and we have fun reading the sizzling roasts...so, I think it is fun and brave of you to award Jim this one. He indeed does have a heart of gold. No. I've never met him. I know him through the Spirit. Now, with that said, put on your armor, your helmet...take up your shield...and take what he is going to give you like a man, 'cause I know he's gonna let you have it. I (like hundreds of others) will be waiting! (Personally, I love the award for him...very befitting...as he did what he did without any intention of calling attention to himself....a true gift of a loving heart.) I would love to be his neighbor...

  2. Hey Teach!
    I'm ready for whatever he's got.
    Anybody who lays that truthiness out like he does and gives them lumpy throats with his stories can't be as bad as he threatens... even if he is a catcher.
    I've caught every game in a tournament*, so I know what I can take.

    *double elimination loser's bracket and we took home the championship


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