Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm not sure I know what to make of that

Heck! Can't even be sure I want to try.
Seems like every couple of days another tiny head ...or more ...appears. There was even a blogger who emailed me saying that corporate wouldn't allow him to complete the process.
Anyway, I've decided that WHY is none of my business.
I just have to appreciate that I'm offering something that's wanted. Then I have to continue to be whoever I am... today.

Oh, and stir the pot sometimes!!!


  1. Why so shocked? You come up with fabulous co-ed softball team names.

  2. Wait a minute!!!
    I didn't come up with the name.
    I just came up uses for it.
    If I'd come up with the name it would have been Ritz-Carlton Porn Stars or something like it.


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An award
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" magnificent ba$tard!"
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