Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh crap!!!

I used up the good stuff commenting on other blogs.
At the risk of being accused of pimping go and read my comment at *Fantastic Friday. You may have to scroll through or read some other stuff. But hey, you have a whole weekend.

*Yeah, I know that's not the name of the blog


  1. Or, you know, the rest of eternity, in life everlasting, sooner or later, according to Suldog (and various other authorities, I am assured).

    Twas your nun comment that brought me by, giggling. I like the idea of teeny, tiny Dracula.

    Stake him with a toothpick, quick!

  2. Thanks for using up some of that good stuff on my blog, IT. You ahve a good weekend yourself.

  3. @LOS - sometimes a weekend can seem like an eternity, IYKWIM
    I love the idea of siccing nuns on little Draculas.

    @Robyn - I try to use the good stuff that I find anywhere. It's all good stuff over at your place.


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