Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Second test of patience

I have a modest proposal. Let me explain.

I am on vacation, traveling all over the place. Mostly I'm visiting friends and family and staying with them. However, occasionally it has been necessary to stay in a hotel. There is a certain affinity I have for a major chain. That has nothing to do with this post.

The other day I mentioned people who cut in and what I think of them. Today I met another ass weasel. This time on an elevator. The missus and I had just checked in and were making our way to the third (and top) floor of the hotel. The elevator made its funny elevator has reached the floor noise and the door opened and we prepared to step off when this clown on a cellphone bull rushed us and attempted to push the button for the ground floor before we could disembark. I mean it was like we weren't even there... WTF! He seemed a bit miffed that we insisted on making him wait while we got off.

Anyhow here's my idea: how about we don't put up with the darn cellphone crap any more. If someone wants to hold a conversation; or text; or check their email, they can do it in private while sitting down so their actions in no way inconvenience or edanger anyone else. And no, we don't need Oprah to have us sign a freakin' pledge. I mean smokers have been ostracized and relegated to the far reaches of society

Further update:

Twice today idiot @$$weasel cellphonies almost had collisions with me. One, because he was looking at oncoming traffic while trying to turn left into a driveway which I was already occupying. the fool was having an animated conversation that I interupted by laying on the car horn. The second was a clown in a van who was stopped at an intersection where I was making a left turn and he started to pull out in front of me as I slowed to make the turn. He never looked to see if anyone was coming from his right while he talked on his phone.

I seem to see a lot more cell phone users endangering people than I do smokers endangering anyone.



  1. Since cigarette smoke prevents me from breathing normally and makes my eyes water, I'm glad smoking is banned from public places.

    It's almost like people are addicted to their cellphones as smokers are to their cigarettes. If people just use common sense and respect other people, I have no problem with people using their cellphones. It's the stupid inconsiderate assholes (m/f) that are hugely irritating and a danger to themselves and other people. But they would probably find something else to bother us with if they weren't allowed to use their cellphones everywhere.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation ;-)

  2. It happens numerous times a day!! I got ran off the road a few days ago! Irritating!!!

  3. Does the sitting thing down thing include sitting on the toilet, cuz I have noticed a recent uptick in the number of people on their cell phones while sitting in a bathroom stall. Technically, they're not interfering with anybody while they chat...unless, of course, it affects your concentration.

  4. Carolina - there're bunch more cellphonies than smokers over here and because of their antics, which include breaking the laws of the land, they are more noticeable.

    Seductress - amen!

    Jane - I don't mind if they go into a booth to use their phone as long as they aren't monopolizing all of the booths when I need one to sit down.


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