Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I don't forward emails and other rants


If I think something someone sends me is worth someone's time, you will find it posted here.
I stopped forwarding emails awhile back because, despite my request that others do a little housekeeping, they were being sent as a FW: fw; fw; fw-, including all of the previous addressees and senders, and being sent in the open, rather than as blind copy.
Oh, and I was receiving about two-thirds of them via return email in less than a day.

Then there's the stuff that's ALL CAPS.
What is it with some people? Don't they realize that email etiquette applies to everyone?

Also, not even dealing with the Internet, what is it with people who have to go against traffic in stores? Fer chrissakes, you drive down the road on the left right side*... I hope... why do you push your frackin' cart down the left side of the store aisle?
Oh! While you're at it, if you stop for a cell phone call in the store, take it in an out of the way corner. Don't stop and block the aisle.

I saw a fool driving down a four lane street the other day. How do I know he was a fool? It is because he was managing to use up enough of each lane in his direction that nobody could get by even though he was traveling at about 20 MPH in a 40 MPH zone.
BTW- fool is not the word I used to first describe him. Moron was my first choice. Then I determined that I was insulting marginalizing morons.

I am gonna quit digging now, before the hole gets any deeper.

*left and right have always been an issue for me

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