Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On to the next thing

Okay, we had the moment of silence that I think was entirely appropriate ...if a little late

Now let's concern ourselves with what the NCAA Commissioner's done
First off, I in no way, shape, or form condone any of what happened at Penn State
But, to my way of thinking, it appears the claw end of a framing hammer has been used to nail down the situation
An excavator's been used instead of a hand trowel

The culture of the NCAA Large Schools created the environment where this situation arose and the school's administrators stuck their heads in the sand to protect themselves so they could seek the prize

The prize is the National Championship, the opportunity to play in the BCS ...the freakin' money

So who's really being punished by the NCAA? Not the folks who're responsible

Mostly it's the young folks who bust their tails and help make the money the schools are coveting
Oh sure, they can transfer without penalty
Who're they kidding?
Is the NCAA making room for those kids on other campuses?

I ultimately blame the NCAA because they hijacked the fun the students were having to make money for the schools

The NCAA is embarrassed so they coerce a school, which richly deserved some punishment, into accepting a terrible fate from which it may never recover

Are they going to investigate to see if any similar incidents occurred at any other schools? No, they're gonna hope that if it did happen, nobody'll step forward and report it

Are they gonna eliminate the incentives that make such cover up attempts tempting? No, they're gonna increase the number of BCS games

Effin hypocrites
Just remember when you point a finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at you
So ask, "What's my part in this?" Then act appropriately


  1. Yes, I agree! All the officials are gone, Sandusky is in jail, Paterno is dead and the current players and staff are being punished along with people in the area who rely on Football games and the revenue from those games.

    I am disappointed to learn that Paterno apparently knew of this travesty and failed to use the power of his fame and influence to step past the officials "above" him and do the right thing.

    I am also saddened to know that a man who by all accounts led a good life full of good decisions but failed in this situation will be known years from now as the man who assulted children. Jerry Sandusky will be long forgotten, Joe Paterno will be known as a man who diddled little boys.

  2. Let's always remember to bar the door after the fox has decimated the henhouse and throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    I didn't know Joe Paterno, only his record as a coach. I can't even presume to judge him. Even more so, I couldn't presume to pass judgement on the school today based upon what happened in a time before any those there now arrived.
    Worse, to do so without a trial is truly an injustice. It's like administering the death penalty with an atom bomb.

  3. I agree with you, IT, and there are MANY others who believe the penalty was way too harsh. What joeh and Skip said, too.


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