Friday, September 7, 2012


I've tried to avoid politics on this web site, but others seem to, so I will also. I watched a bit of Obama's speech last nite. Let me boil it down for you.
"Trust me, this time I really mean it."

a classmate from high school, who didn't drop out of college, posted this


  1. I was in enough discomfort last night that I avoided Obama and Biden. Enough was enough.

  2. Ithink he does really mean it, I'm just not sure he knows what he is doing.

  3. I loved the headline on AOL News after Clinton's speech: "Clinton Says Give Obama A Second Chance". It said much more than I think they intended.

    1. I think good headline writers are harder to find today
      It's because good sentence structure isn't taught any more
      That's because nobody pays for good sentence structure ...or spelling ...or grammar
      Everything's gotta be 140 characters or less
      Too much instant gratification
      Whatever happened to earning something?

      Awshit... now I'm ranting


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