Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No ...I been here all along

I can't leave this alone
I have been quiet for awhile
It does me no good to get excited riled
But this just absolutely torques my sphincter

...and the quote:
"I just walked over to Chipotle's for lunch. I caused a lot of havoc as you might expect," the president said. "It had been awhile since I had the burrito bowl, and it was good."
Does this man have a clue what every move he makes outside of the security of the White House or Camp David ...oh, wait, he and his family are too good for Camp David ...does to disrupt the routine activities of the people who have to function in the places he spontaneously visits?

Apparently he does

I've been in a city where the President has made a sojourn on the ground
Everything within a quarter mile ...sometimes often further comes to a complete halt until whatever it is that's planned is no longer a viable plan
Try explaining to a little kid that he can' go to the zoo because the President was there, that he has to stay in his car seat, in the car until the nice policeman says you can move

If that man didn't want to be cooped up (for his own protection, mind you), he should have found a different job

1 comment:

  1. I've been caught in traffic due to a presidential visit and that ain't NO fun at all. I can only imagine the chaos at the Chipotle.


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