Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two women

Oh crap I'm gonna stick my neck out here. But I won't name them or otherwise identify them. You're gonna figure out that they've got blogs anyway.

Come to think of it, this could prove more dangerous than giving Suldog an award. [snork!!!]
Anyhow, these two women chose to parse the men they have dated and found lacking. I found both of the articles humorous... probably because I didn't see myself described anywhere in them? I wish I had the imagination to create posts such as theirs. But I have been trained to react. Hence the title of this blog. Even that is not original. It's a quote from Tom Smothers. But I digress.

I won't try to defend any of those men, though that's my first instinct. I learned some time ago that our instinct aren't necessarily always our friends. All I really want to say to these ladies [I like ladies better than women... the words that is] is that I may be reading more into those posts than is actually there. But I think your own words are sending you a message. In any event don't expect the men to change because you want them to. They will change because they want to.

note to self: Did I really write that? Remind everyone that I don't take myself seriously. It's what I do that's serious.

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