Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's the point?

There's a football game in Miami today.
Big whoop!!!
The NFL Pro Bowl is being played as a lead in to the Super Bowl week.
Supposedly the best players not playing in the championship next Sunday are vying for... what?
These fellas have been beating on one another since last August. Yeah, right, they do make big money and this puts more in their pockets and helps to support NFL Charities, which does a lot of good, too. But just think about this. If each of the 86 players spent the time they use to get ready for this game to work on a charitable project, they would more than likely risk less injury and might even help raise more funds.
The Pro Bowl is an all-star game. You know when I would like to an all-star game? Right before the season starts when all of the players are healthy. There might even be more fan interest because of that lack of games for six months.
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