Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zipper pulls and other oddities

So my friend, Suldog, filleted (his word, not mine) me this morning. I'm not disappointed, though he promised barbecue. It all came about because I presented him with an award.
Imagine that.
As a stalker I knew exactly what to expect when the award was presented. I know that had he had more time to gather information, Sully would certainly have been able to draw and quarter this humble blogger. His claim is that he actually refrained from ragging on the pen name. Hey, take a shot bucko. IT's [IT=Ivan Toblog] a pseudonym and fair game. Aren't in this for entertainment first and enlightenment by accident?
Now that I think about it, there may be some actual residual effect from his post. I might see a few more visitors here. Oh, wait! That won't happen because I don't track visits. I find it absolutely amazing that I even have any followers/stalkers. I'm even more amazed that, aside from Sullivan, they're mostly complimentary.

Oh, and he further commented on the avatar I use.
I could have used this photo since it's in the public domain.

But the guy is supposedly really dangerous.

...and I'm better lookin'


  1. I agree your avatar is better looking, but then....maybe not..

    Over from Jim's to see what's happening here and wonder if you need be honest he was rather soft on you, have you read some of his roastings of other award givers...yikes!!


  2. No, Sweetie, I (not the avatar) am better looking. However, in the interest of remaining unmolested, I will not offer proof.
    As for needing stitches, I think not. Jim was soft only because there is scant information available at this point.
    There are some out there who know me fairly well. The only catch is that I know them, too.

  3. Yes, the above gentleman just radiates good, "Hail fellow, and well met, get in my car."

    I'm trying to imagine what his prom picture looked like. I bet even the flowers were leery of him.

  4. @Shimp - the area where he was arrested is in the heart of Bigfoot country. Perhaps he's an offspring?
    @TGK - You shouldn't fall asleep on the beach ;-)


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