Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big head


I mentioned the blogger dashboard... dashbored <- har!... yesterday.
Should I have capitalized it?
One of the things available there for a blogger in a stats tab. I occasionally look at it.
At 1:00pm PST there had been 77 pageviews for the day. Before then there had been an average of less than 20 per day. I'm guessing a comment I made somewhere else hit a hot button for some folks? It is really interesting to see what parts of the world some of the pageviews were from.

Somebody asked me how I find the blogs I visit.
I have something I call the blogger dartboard.
[no, not really. I mean nobody asked and I don't have a dartboard... and I don't know how. it just happens]
Some of it has to do with the followers over on the left. When my curiosity is piqued by someone's comments on another blog, I usually check out their blog. Sometimes I even leave a message... and sometimes I attract their attention... and, and I really appreciate it when they leave comments here.


  1. What is this blogger dashboard thingie? I really have no idea what it is! Please elaborate! Thank you!

  2. I rarely look at my dashboard. The Blogger one that is. I just check the list of blogs that I follow in my sidebar to see if someone posted something new and then I visit them. Or not. And sometimes I see a comment in someone else's commentslist that makes me laugh or is very interesting and then I visit their blog and almost always leave a message. And sometimes that blog is so interesting or funny that I join their followers.

    And of course, Mr Ivan Toblog, I visit people who regularly visit my blog and leave a comment (always very much appreciated) and who have a fun blog themselves.


  3. Gee, Linda, my feeble attempt to come up with an explanation left me with doubts that you'd understand what I was trying to say. So I decided Blogger might be able to explain it.
    I looked HERE.
    I hope it doesn't leave you worse off than before.

    Caroline, I use the Dashboard as a starting point because it's where most of the blogs I follow are listed. I didn't create a bloglist for my sidebar, but they're all in my reading list on the Dashboard.


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