Monday, March 8, 2010

About yesterday's post

I should mention that somewhere there IS a video. It's old VHS and probably doesn't even play any more... but it is a story.

Number One grandson... heck he's number one grandchild... was about five years old... he's 25 now and has his own son.
It was just before Halloween. We were all in the kitchen carving pumpkins... well his mom and her mom (my wife, though we hadn't made it official yet) were carving pumpkins. I was drinking beer(s). As part of the process, a family video production of the pumpkin carving was taking place. There were three pumpkins. With artistic advice from grandson, Mom carved one, her mom another. Then it was decided it was my turn.
The camera was still rolling.
As I bent down to pick up the third pumpkin from the floor, grandson said, "Make a funny face!"
The only thought that went through my mind at that moment was that a "Moon" face was about as funny as I could get.

We are not going to see that video here.


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