Friday, March 12, 2010

Are you ready for this

Frackin' daylight savings starts Sunday morning.
Does it start in the daylight?
Heck, no! It starts when everybody but the lat shift bartender should be asleep.
They have to do it then because, folks, an hour of sleep is being stolen borrowed (it will be returned sometime in the fall).
This entire exercise would be entirely unnecessary if the peoples of the planet Earth could agree that it can be the same time everywhere. You know, a uniform time.
Oh, wait... we have that. The Brits bagged it and are holding it hostage in Greenwich.
What I am saying is that with so much of what goes on in the world happening 24/7, it is kind of ridiculous that every few thousand miles we have to add (or subtract) an hour.
It's not like someone wants a conversion to metric time... although once we are at less than a second or over 100 years it becomes metric.
So what, if my 8:00am now would become 4:00pm? It only means that I would now be on the swing shift and that there's be sunshine at midnight.

I guess what I'm sayin' is that if we all shared a single time zone, we wouldn't have to screw around with the darn clocks twice a year or when we traveled cross-country.

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