Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did I mention?

That I like anchovies?

Oh yeah, number 4...

Okay, here goes again some more:

5. I absolutely believe that Italian Dry Salami is something I should eat three times a every day. There has to be some in the fridge.

6. When I was a little kid I thought that concrete delivery trucks were called "palms."
Y'see, one day we were driving down a street that evidently had some palm trees in the median. However, I was looking at a concrete delivery truck when someone said, "look at that palm."

Here's the last one. I was gonna tell ya that Ivan isn't really my name, but Suldog did that already even though he couldn't really be absolutely certain. Carolina figured it out right from the get-go, even before there was a blog... or an email address.

7. I used to have fun when I would post comments to other blogs by linking my name to random blogs or websites and creating fictitious, though believable, email addresses.

So that's my story. Now all I have to do is present these awards. The problem I have run into is that if I follow the instructions to the letter, then there will be some good folks out there who will know who Ivan really is. I had planned to award them to unsuspecting folk who'd never heard of me. Instead I will follow the lead of a blogger who I admire and just plant the awards somwhere here for others to see and wonder, "what'd he ever do to deserve an award?"

#8 I love contractions... to the point that I will even make them up.


  1. I love how you are stretching this out! I'm the worst at getting awards because I want to give them to everyone (or sometimes no one) so I always skip that last part. Congratulations! They are all well deserved


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