Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay, here's the story.

Somebody got lazy and Krazy Glued two awards together. They have all kinds of special criteria that the awarded is supposed to follow when accepting them. It's no small wonder that Sully goes off when he receives one.
I sure do hope he really appreciates the thought that went into the one I presented at the end of the year. There were only two rules and it can't be passed along because it's what it is.
Anyhow, I have been presented with these two awards and I will have to do something about them. First thing is to perform surgery and separate them. I thought about dropping a nuke but that wouldn't be nice.
Nowhere in the instructions did it say that all of the criteria have to be done at the same time. So first things first I hereby thank Robin at Writing on the Wall, although it seems more like I have been given a writing assignment. I do hope that she's making progress with quitting smoking. I'm not sure if I should be thanking Apryl. She stopped short of giving them to me because she'd already found her fifteen victims recipients, including Robin. Kinda helps if you understand the expression, Shot at and missed, shit at and hit.
Since Sully has cornered the market on barbecuing the presenters, I won't even go anywhere near that. I will take my own sweet time about following up. And furthermore, I will modify the criteria because that appears to be acceptable because the precedent has already be set.
If you have read this far looking for the seven things I am supposed to say about myself, you have wasted the effort today. I may not say seven things about myself in an entire week... at least nothing declarative.
I will, over the course of the next few years, eventually meet the criteria set forth by me. I have already taken care of number one. But in case you missed it: Thank you Robin. I really do appreciate the sentiment.
Oh, I bet you're wondering which awards they are:

I suppose I will have to stick them somewhere on the blog, too?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I considered separating them too, but then thought, what the hell, I'm too lazy to break the cycle.
    Take all the time you need. :)

  2. @ Robin - you're offering way too much latitude. I am separating them... and there will be a lot of really surprised folks who receive them... snork!

    @ Apryl (Robin, too) - Lazy? ...or busy?


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