Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I rest my case

The ninth inning was a perfect example why the baseball season goes too far into the fall
Even on the West Coast we're susceptible to rain this time of year
I'm sure glad nobody got hurt
Nobody wants rain during the playoffs, particularly since all games must be played to the full nine innings
That, and those presidential debates lose some audience
Anybody know what the score on that was?


  1. >>>I'm sure glad nobody got hurt

    Yeah. But... it would have been OK with me if Holliday had gotten a fastball in his earhole.

  2. I hate that The World Series now goes into November. It's just not natural to be playing ball and have steam clouds coming out of your mouth. That's football stuff.

  3. What Suldog said. . . I know what it's like to try to grip a baseball, or a bat, when the temperature drops into the 30s, and it ain't conducive of good baseball. . .

    It might not even be so bad, if they just didn't bow to the TV gods and play all their games at night. I can guarantee you that, before the Series is over, there will be at least one game in Detroit (and maybe all of 'em) that's close to freezing by the time the game's over. . .

  4. Inno - he did get nailed, but I'm guessing we'll never know for sure whether or not it was intended

    Sully - I'm not even sure they should be playing after September 15

    Craig - I can understand night games in warm climates when the weather's hot and humid. Otherwise the game was meant to be played in the daytime

    I'm thinking cable TV has ruined a bunch of sports traditions


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