Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm just gonna bask

It's glorious
There is still at least one more game ...barring some kind of natural disaster, which, given history, isn't out of the question
The two guys at the end of the alphabet pitched a couple of gems, maybe even their best games?
Now it's down to one game to determine who plays at least four more
The calendar in my head says this should be all over
So does the weatherman
As I watched the wrap-up on Comcast last evening, they were pulling the tarp over the field
When there are potential rain-outs in SF the season's gone too long
That said, another sign the season's too long is there are holiday shopping ads
I'm not gonna use the C word yet


  1. What I said at Skip's place. Game Sevens are hard on the heart these days... but you wouldn't miss 'em for the world.

    1. They're only hard on ya when the score is close...

      ...or ya know the other team is capable of coming back from a deep deficit


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