Friday, October 19, 2012

My printer is low on mayo

...and that has absolutely nothing to do do with this post ...really!

I mentioned somewhere over on the left I refrain from the gratuitous use of expletives. There are plenty of other everyday words to enhance speech or writing.

Not that an occasional (not daily ...or even weekly) sprinkling of a spicy word doesn't enhance a phrase. It does, and when used sparingly, like some herbs and spices, is quite effective, even attention grabbing. I'm fairly certain the use of a certain F word has found its way into the everyday speech of many, many young (and not so young) folks. While I don't necessarily find it offensive (I've been know to speak it a time or two), I certainly find it quite disturbing to hear it (and/or see it) coming from otherwise civil, so-called educated, individuals. It's not just limited to the f-bomb, though it's most common. Ironically, when I was in the military I didn't hear such language as often.

It's just not necessary... and when it slips into regular conversation, it can be quite embarassing. Just ask Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Vargas.


  1. The biggest problem with overuse of swears is that they lose their power when you really need them. If you go around saying (f-word) in every other sentence, how will anyone know when you're really and truly ticked off?

  2. I drop more than a few f-bombs, but I'm actually quite a bit better about that than I useta be. MY military experience was different from yours. I don't think most of the folks I knew could communicate without a certain adjective/adverb/verb beginning with "F."

  3. Yeah, I swear a lot, probably too much. I try to keep it out of my blogging, but now and then...

    1. I've managed to get it out of my writing and my speech, but it's still in my head and will probably never go away


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