Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Golden Turtle

Once there was a bear and a rabbit. They were
very good friends.

One day, these two friends were taking a walk
together deep into the woods.

About an hour into the walk, they came across
a Golden Turtle. who spoke to them and said;

"Everyone that crosses my path gets three wishes.
Mr. Bear, what is your first wish?" asks the turtle.

"I wish that all the bears in my town were all
h-rny females." the bear replied.

"Very well. Rabbit, what is your first wish?"

"I want a motorcycle helmet." said the rabbit.

"Okay. Bear, what is your second wish?" asked the

"I want all the bears in the whole country to be
horny females." said the bear.

"Very well, and rabbit your second wish?" asked the

"I wish for a motorcycle to go with my new helmet."
said the rabbit.

"Okay" said the turtle. "You each have one more wish."

"I wish that all the bears in the whole world were all
h-rny females!" said the bear.

"No problem," said the turtle. "Mr. rabbit, what is
your last wish?"

The rabbit thought for a minute. then he laughed
hysterically, as he jumped on his shiny new motorcycle:

"I wish that the Bear was gay!"

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