Friday, November 30, 2012

Son of a ...

What the heck
I gotta get me a rocket launcher for my car
I was out this morning, running an errand
So on the way home I proceeded onto the on ramp for the Interstate
There were two care ahead of me
The first car accelerated all the way to 40mph by the time it entered the highway, forcing the vehicles on the highway to either brake or shift to the left
I won't even tell you the words going through my mind at the time
I imagine the car in between was having similar thoughts

Then the assweasel accelerated such that the vehicles which had shifted to the left could not get back into the right hand lane for the next exit

I hope his mother bites him when he gets home


  1. I've actually seen people come to a FULL STOP at the bottom of an on-ramp, for no apparent reason. Talk about homicidal rage...

  2. What make this particular on ramp hairy is it is on a curve for the cars on the highway so they are blind until about 1/8 mile from the merge
    It's not the worst of the interchanges in town either


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