Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I think maybe someone should take a good hard look at what's happening
Jim Sullivan, Suldog, started something a few years before I even knew what blogging was is
It's a crusade to give Thanksgiving its due... to provide an opportunity for families to celebrate togetherness and give thanks before they start concerning themselves with Christmas
I wholeheartedly agree the holiday merchandising thing has gotten entirely out of hand
Worse... it is now the new religious experience
It is as if it's a sacrilege not to participate in the crush of Black Friday
If I used colorful language like Sully, here's where I'd use it
Sully calls me a demented bastard
What's that make the folks in Bentonville, Kirkland and Minneapolis?
How about shit eating carp?
They've been fished in by their marketing folks to the point where they've hijacked every holiday from the middle of August on
Yeah... I saw Christmas stuff right next to back to school stuff
They're hammering Christmas so hard that most folks, particularly kids, don't even remember what Christmas is all about
Sadly, the constitution forbids government from doing anything about it
You know, that separation thing
So I have a modest proposal
Don't buy gifts for anyone this year
Just make a monetary contribution to a local charity, not a national one with a big marketing plan, that spends every penny contributed to help your fellow citizens stay clothed, keep warm and live a little better until next year
So they have something to give thanks for in 2013
And let's do it every year until the shit eating carp (I kinda like that because I'm a demented bastard) give us back our holidays (Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving) and remember what Christmas is really about
Maybe even remove it's status as a National Holiday? (ignore that thought)

Hey... I'm just throwin' some ideas out there to see what sticks
So shoot me!

And while we're at it, let's get rid of unions, lawyers, insurance companies and ferrets

Ass weasels!

And the government should send me a check on my birthday every week


  1. Well said.
    Demented Bastards WBAGNFARB
    If you keep writing posts like that, you'll have to start using punctuation.

  2. actually at the extended family christmas where we all exchange names i stopped asking for actual gifts years ago. instead of three gift ideas i list three charities and ask the person who gets my name to make a contribution to one of them instead. so i like your idea.

  3. but i am also fond of handmade gifts. my girls both make most of the things they give and i do a lot of baking to give away as well.

  4. I went shopping at Wally-World Monday and the staff was busy putting up the Christmas stuff. Each and EVERY one of the clueless f*cks looked at me with gaped mouths when I said... in a loud voice... THANKSGIVING COMES FIRST!


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