Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I was right

That's a first
I couldn't find an escape from the election anywhere on TV last night
Even Sports Center made announcements
The scariest thing I heard was at the end of the ABC broadcast, after the President made his speech
One of the analyst/experts said the Republican primary campaign would begin today

I watched 60 minutes interview with David McCullough Sunday night
One thing he said that stood out for me was that the money spent campaigning is unconscionable
Uh-huh, sure is
But I suppose it's helps the economy ...somehow

There's one little thing that disturbs me
The talking heads have issues with candidates who spend their own funds to campaign

The Cranky Old Man posted about the election
He said respect the office (I'm paraphrasing here, okay?)
I think he was talking to us
We can laugh at the man; be angry with the man; disagree with the man
In the end he is still our President


  1. They're campaigning already for 2016? Whose running?

    I watched "Storage Wars" on Bravo (I think) got power back last night at 7:30.

    THx for the mention

  2. Yup. I did not want a second term, but I will pray for him. I have no desire to see the country go down in flames in order to prove a point.


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