Thursday, February 21, 2013

Close encounters of the turkey kind

The Old AF Sarge wrote a post about turkey encounters the other day
Just by coincidence I am able to provide some information about turkey encounters here in the Golden State
Even better... it's video.

This one's relatively tame

This one's a tad scarier

The really scary thing about the videos is those are urban areas where the birds can't be hunted
At least out here in the boon tules (pronounced toolies) turkeys remain in hiding because they are fair game
Lord help the city folk if the coyotes and mountain lions find out about the city birds


  1. Pretty sure I wrote about time twenty or so turkeys blocked traffic while I was driving to work. Hell of a sight to see in an urban setting. And those birds just plain don't give a damn.

  2. A baseball bat and you have dinner comming right at you! Not the brightest bird on the planet.

  3. I was wonderin' why that woman didn't just kick the stuffing outta that turkey. End o' problem.


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