Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm gonna miss this

There are a number of bloggers I know who, along  with me, subscribe to iGurgle
I use it as my home page
The really neat thing about it is it can be set up with as many... or as few gadgets as I want
One of my gadgets is Daily Sniglets
It's misnamed
The Sniglet changes whenever the page refreshes
An example from this morning that I really like is:

Another gadget I really like is the Useless Knowledge gadget
Here's an offering from this morning:

The reason I'm gonna miss these is because:

I don't care what they say
Gurgle+ ain't the same thing


  1. I concur IT. Gargoyle+ is NOT the same.

    Progress is not always a good thing...

  2. Plus seems like it's kinda outta control.
    I, too, will miss iGargle.
    Not sure what I'll use for a home page.

  3. (sigh) Me too. I'm kinda in denial, still, but I'm gonna HAVE to begin thinkin' about a replacement.

  4. they are getting rid of gurgle reader this summer which annoys me as it's a very convenient feed service.


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