Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm really sick o' this crap

The gosh darn pols have created a real mess
I'm not talkin' about the freaking Sequester or the financial garbage
I mean what's happening to rational discussion
The only people is this country who are speaking to each other are the extremes
The only things they are saying are insults to the other extreme
That's only pushing those they disagree with that much further away
That's leaving those in the middle ducking so they aren't a target
It seems like any time someone stands up to make himself (or herself) heard, he (or she) is labeled and categorized such that they are no longer in the middle
Just reading some of the $#!+ that comes from the mouths and the pens of the so-called Republicans and Democrats makes me wonder where all of the intelligent folks went
It seems like any time someone has a decent idea or plan some big-mouthed @$$hole hijacks and wrecks it

It must be all the great technology
It is allowing stuff to go to hell in a handbasket a lot faster now


  1. For a goat head you make a lot of sense!

    There is no discussion anymore, just knee jerk reactions and name calling as you say.

    Apparently I am an Liberal commie pinko right-winged Neanderthal hippie conservative nut. THe result is as you say there is no middle.

  2. You speak for me. I've pretty much quit reading political blogs.

  3. You'll get no argument from me. Civil discourse vanished sometime back in the last decade of the 20th Century.

  4. I was called a misogynist this morning, just because I registered as a Republican.
    I won't repeat what my wife was called.

    If folks want to call names, fine!
    We can do that.
    But, I'm thinking that both sides should listen instead of trying to think of a snappy comeback.


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