Monday, July 5, 2010

Cerebral energy in a blender

Friday was quite a day.
Inspired by three different bloggers about totally disparate subjects, I found myself sitting in front of the computer Googling stuff I'd never have thought considered. My mind works that way.
You've already seen my reaction to Jane's post. I'm not sure exactly what to say about my reaction to Lora's post because it was a two-parter. I commented about the second part. Part one gave rise to a search, which found this.
Carolina also had the wheels spinning, as she had my curiosity piqued regarding a multitude of items and persons. While using the search engine the question arose [in my mind], would ladies rather be Googled or Binged?
Credit for the title goes to my wife, who had no idea what this post was about. And, if she had, never would have asked me what it meant.
Now she has had to wait three days to find out.


  1. Ooh! Thanks for mentioning me. And now I'm wondering why your wife has to wait three days to find out what the post is about. Is she locked up in the next room? (since you emailed: 'The one I like most is in the next room. I think she likes me most too', and I'm presuming 'she' is your wife). Will you let her out in three days? She has thought of a brilliant title. I think she deserves to be let out sooner ;-)
    The link to Lora's post didn't work, the one to 'this' did. I will be having a nightmare tonight.

  2. I was beginning to wonder if you comment would ever appear here. It only took a little over eight hours.

    I came up with the post idea Friday, but it had to wait for some earlier stuff to come online because I ration things out to once a day most of the time.
    'Brilliant,' that's my wife!

    You never answered whether you'd rather be Binged or Googled.

  3. Things are back to 'normal' again I guess.

  4. Oh, uhm, sorry, Binged or Googled you say... I'd rather be freeze-dried. But that's another story, which will appear on my blog this Thursday ;-) Sorry for not making sense.


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