Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I challenged myself -
Put the pen to paper [figuratively] and write for five minutes without lifting the pen, not even to correct misspelled words [or typos].
fruit cups were mentioned on another blog and they brought up some strong memories of my misspent youth
when I was in college, I had a summer job at a cannery near my parents home. I would trudge daily to work the line, filling cans with fruit cocktail. the place was hot, hot, muggy hot, even when it was comfortable outside. and it was anhyhting but challenging work, standing in one spot on a concrete floor for two hours between breaks. But the pay was grand.
I detested that job. even today I avoid driving anywhere near where the plant was even though it has been gone for almost forty years... replaced by a Costco.
Speaking of Costco, I am reminded that even though the old building is gone and the output has changed, there are still lines in the building and what passes throught those lines aren't much different from fruit cocktail.

Then I realized that wariting with a pen on paper is far, far different from blogging. so it is dang near impossilbe to gone on continously forever and ever without breaking concentrations because the stupid computer does things that a pencil won't.
I'm annoyed with myself that I let so many things distract me and I can't always get the hamsters (squirrels?) to pull in the same direction at the same time. Number two is groominghimself right now and it's not a preety sight.
There are folks out there who write 'real' stories and I have the greatest admiration for them. they must have an attention span that allows them to hold a thought for at least a full minute. If I could write or type as fast as the mind races it might be a different story. it might even be a story.

My five are up. let me know if any of this beside the first few sentences makes any sense. Then try this exercise yourself. It's kind of like flushing the pulling the drain plug.

Feel free to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Just remember what the blogs title is and you might have some idea of my response.


  1. So I guess there is no fruit cup consumption in your residence. I love your blog and your comment love on mine a lot!! Blogs take me forever to type. My thoughts ramble on fast once I am "there" but I love a good picture trail and try to perfect each post. I love it, it heals me in a way I have not felt before. Happiness. Throwing Green Olives in the air and catching them in my mouth, HAPPINESS.


  2. Oh crap! Where's the darn title?
    I can't even remember what it is.

    @ Invisible Seductress - if I worked at perfecting posts... or anything else... they'd never be finished. Basically, it's all raw material with none of the bells and whistles.


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